Welcome Message to Department of Pharmacology, Faculty of Science, Mahidol University

Welcome to Department of Pharmacology at Faculty of Science, Mahidol University. It is my pleasure to introduce you our department which was the first Department of Pharmacology in Thailand, and is one of the major preclinical science departments, established in 1968 (B.E.2511) with the support from Rockefeller foundation.

Since being established, our department has over 160 alumni working nationwide all over Thailand. Currently, it has 11 faculties, 2 joint faculties and 17 graduate students. We offer broad range of research as well as constructive learning environment encouraging individual graduate student to be able to solve research questions in an independent manner. Besides, our department provides an academic curriculum for medical students and nurse students in pharmacology during their baccalaureate.

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Seminar in Pharmacology
by Miss Suthasinee Srirod (Ph.D. Student), Miss Kultasnim Kado (M.Sc. Student) and Mr. Samuel Paul Bourner-Drawbridge (Ph.D. Student) (Student)
Jul03  13.00 - 15.15 Online via WebEx Meeting
Seminar in Pharmacology
by Mr. Samuel Paul Bourner-Drawbridge (Ph.D. student), Miss Suthasinee Srirod (Ph.D. student) and Miss Kultasnim Kado (M.Sc. student) (Student)
Jun19  13.00 - 15.20 Online via WebEx Meeting