M.Sc. Program

Educational Philosophy

The educational philosophy of Pharmacology Programme focuses on in-depth knowledge in pharmacology and related fields. Teaching and learning approaches are based on outcome-based education so as to promote life-long learning. Graduates have expertise in pharmacological knowledge and researches and can be able to create and apply for innovation in an attempt to a better understanding of the development, progression, prevention and treatment of human diseases and disorders, especially those found commonly in Thailand.

Admission Requirements

A candidate must:

  1. hold a Bachelor’s degree in any science discipline (e.g. Biology, Pharmacy, Chemistry, Veterinary) or the equivalent in medicine or one of the allied Health Sciences;
  2. have a grade point average of at least 2.50;
  3. have a TOEFL score of at least 480, TOEFL computer-based score of 157, TOEFL internet-based score of 54, or IELTS score of 4.5 or pass the English Proficiency Examination arranged by the Faculty of Graduate Studies.

Those who do not have any of the test scores specified above will have to take the English Proficiency Examination of the Faculty of Graduate Studies on the specified examination day. Exemption from the above conditions may be granted by the Program Committee under exceptional circumstances

Proposal / Concept Paper
Should be submitted research proposal (in English) at least 200-500 words.

Application Process

Application is only available via online application at www.grad.mahidol.ac.th

Tuition and Fees



For further information please contact:

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nattinee Jantaratnotai (Program Director)
E-mail: nattinee.jan@mahidol.ac.th

Asst. Prof. Dr. Pimtip Sanvarinda (Program Secretariat)
E-mail: pimtip.san@mahidol.ac.th

Program Specification

Students whose student numbers begin with 59 backwards

Students whose student numbers begin with 60 onwards

Soft Skills (For students whose student numbers begin with 59 onwards) 

Students whose student numbers begin with 59 onwards must participate in skill development activities which cover four skills:

  • Language and communication skills
  • Leaderships and management skills
  • Research skills
  • Information technology skills

The students must spend at least 3 hours for each skill.

More information: http://www.grad.mahidol.ac.th/softskills/

Career Prospects

In the public sectors, Pharmacology graduates are in demand as lecturers in University or as research assistants in research institutes, government departments including Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and The Government Pharmaceutical Organization (GPO), etc.

Commercial sectors that actively recruit graduates from Pharmacology include the pharmaceutical industries.