Welcome Message

Welcome to Department of Pharmacology at Faculty of Science, Mahidol University. It is my pleasure to introduce you our department which was the first Department of Pharmacology in Thailand, and is one of the major preclinical science departments, established in 1968 (B.E.2511) with the support from Rockefeller foundation.

Since being established, our department has over 160 alumni working nationwide all over Thailand. Currently, it has 13 faculties, 2 joint faculties and 16 graduate students. We offer broad range of research as well as constructive learning environment encouraging individual graduate student to be able to solve research questions in an independent manner. Besides, our department provides an academic curriculum for medical students and nurse students in pharmacology during their baccalaureate.

We bring together the knowledge of Biochemistry, Physiology, Neurosciences, Molecular biology and Chemistry to figure out questions related to the common health problems in Thailand, such as, Thalassemia, Malaria, Osteoarthritis, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, drug addiction, as well as gaining a better insight in drug metabolisms and polymorphism of drug-metabolizing enzymes. As a national policy moving forward to promote clinical uses of herbal medicine found locally in Thailand, our research includes the beneficial effects of Thai Natural products such as Curcuma comosa, Pueraria mirifica, Derris Scandens, Ananas Comosus, Polyalthia glauca in preventing and/or treating neuronal degeneration, malarial infection, and degenerative joint diseases. We work together with our extensive collaborations around the world not only to strengthen our research but also to provide the hands-on experience for students to conduct research in the remarkable laboratories oversea. Our mission is to provide students with the best training in Pharmacology, giving them the required skills to become prominent scientists, to unravel a perplexity of Thai’s health, and to advance the scientific community of Thailand.


Darawan Pinthong