Supeenun Unchern

Associate Professor
  • B.Sc. (Pharm) (Honours) Chulalongkorn University
  • M.Sc. (Pharmacology) Mahidol University
  • Ph.D. (Pharmacology) Mahidol University
Current Research
  • The effect of bromelain on metabolism of NO, blood pressure in normal and in knee OA patients
  • The study of bromelain: efficacy of long term high dose on clinical outcome, levels of mediators and cytokine in knee OA patients compare with diclofenac sodium
  • The effect of juices from fruits and vegetables on cardiovascular system
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  • Kasemsuk T, Saengpetch N, Sibmooh N, Unchern S*. Improved WOMAC score following 16-week treatment with bromelain for knee osteoarthritis. Clin Rheumatol 2016 Oct;35(10):2531-40.
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