Nov 28,2023 : ASCEPT 2023 Annual Scientific Meeting (ASM)

Associate Professor Dr. Ruedee Hemstapat, affiliated with the Department of Pharmacology, Faculty of Science, Mahidol University, led doctoral students to participate in the ASCEPT 2023 Annual Scientific Meeting (ASM) held from November 20-23, 2023, at the International Convention Centre in Sydney, Australia. The students presented their research findings in the form of posters, as follows:

Miss Scarlett Desclaux presented the work titled “TRPA1 expression in joints and DRGs of monoiodoacetate-induced rat knee OA pain.”

Miss Ticomporn Luangwattanawilai presented the work titled “Bone regeneration potential of 3D printed hydroxyapatite in a rat model.”

Congratulations to Miss Ticomporn Luangwattanawilai for being awarded the Special Interest Group (SIG) Prize Winner 2023

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