Pimtip Sanvarinda

  • M.D. (First Class Honor) Mahidol University, Thailand
  • Ph.D. (Pharmacology and Toxicology) University of California, USA
  • Suwanprinya L, Morales NP, Sanvarinda P, Dieng H, Okabayashi T, Enrique Morales Vargas R*. Dengue virus-induced reactive oxygen species production in rat microglial cells. Jpn J Infect Dis 2017 Jul;70(4):383-387.
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  • Vattanarongkup J, Piyachaturawat P, Tuchinda P, Sanvarinda P, Sanvarinda Y, Jantaratnotai N. Protective effects of a diarylheptanoid from Curcuma comosa against hydrogen peroxide-induced astroglial cell death. Planta Med. 2016;82(17):1456-62.
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  • Wichaiyo S, Yatmark P, Morales Vargas RE, Sanvarinda P, Svasti S, Fucharoen S, et al. Effect of iron overload on furin expression in wild-type and β-thalassemic mice. Toxicology Reports. 2015;2:415-22.
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  • Jantaratnotai N, Utaisincharoen P, Sanvarinda P, Thampithak A, Sanvarinda Y. Phytoestrogens mediated anti-inflammatory effect through suppression of IRF-1 and pSTAT1 expressions in lipopolysaccharide-activated microglia. Int Immunopharmacol. 2013;17(2):483-8.